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YAK's Future Blogging SPREE

YAK is finally up and running! and we can't wait until we share with everyone our plans for our online channels. We just wanted to tell everyone all our plans right away but we are were able to contain our excitement and we are going to be doing it one plan at a time for the upcoming weeks. We know it sounds boring but it will give us the chance to do an illustration per day; which is ALWAYS a good thing in our book. Anyway so for our first update!

Warning our blogs will probably contain illustrations!

As you all know, YAK produces content on daily basis. Most of this content will be shared through our channels but here and only here will you get to know the detailed process of how everything is made. YAK's blog page will turn into a repertoire of HOW TOs and tutorials. The tutorials will cover a myriad range of illustrations from start to finish. Why you ask? we believe that we should actively share with our followers, by doing so we turn YAK to a platform where illustrators or even illustration-enthusiasts can exchange design knowledge. The blogs aren't only going to be HOW TOs though. We believe that illustration can effectively tackle a range of social topics that relate to designers. by doing so we believe that we can help raise awareness even slightly to matters relevant to our community through the empowering nature of illustration! This is it for our first mini-blog. Thank you for joining us on our new adventure. Make sure that you subscribe to our website (by clicking the big subscribe button in the bottom of the home page) to receive our blogs and tutorials via email.

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