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Hello there everyone. The second part of our series of mini-blogs titled "What Should I (As in you) Expect From YAK", is a blog concerning architecture. I was pretty sure that this will be the most enjoyable to work on; not only because I graduated from architecture school. Architecture students aren't the only ones who get to savour and enjoy the many delights of architecture. It actually sometimes proves to be the opposite; those who didn't study architecture love it the most. It might be attributed to the overwhelming effort that architecture students go through. The point is this is a blog for the non-architect and the architect to enjoy!

More architecture exists on paper than in reality. Meaning that most communication between architects happens in an illustrative format. There are more architecture dreams scribbled or finely drawn on paper than there are buildings in the world. This brings up an interesting point; the method of showcasing architecture visually, greatly affects not only perception but the value highlighted. Throughout architecture school I worked with various styles until I finally found one that accurately portrays the spirit that I want to communicate. This kind of value took an extremely long time for me to create, and of course an equivalent level of effort. This effort was poured not only into the design but into the visual experiments that help shape the discourse. This is why YAK is going to hugely throughout its illustrations portray architecture in its different forms. we believe that this investigation is not only a powerful tool to empower both the discourse of architecture and illustration but also provides excellent communication methods to people who haven't went to architecture school. From now on, you'll probably be seeing lots of buildings, and we mean lots and lots of them! in our work. We hope that you enjoy the ride and thank you again for taking this journey with us! Make sure to subscribe to get our future weekly blogs and tutorials in your inbox.

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