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OPPORTUNITY: The seemingly fruitless

It has been a couple of weeks now since YAK started. To us it seems like a year or so. It has been a thrilling roller-coaster ride that's only beginning. We got to work and meet with wonderful people and through that even if it was in a period of a month and a half we got to tremendously learn and grow further as people. It is very exciting because everytime I think about the amount of things we learned in terms of design, illustrations, animation or even in terms of managing a service and creating proposals, all in the period of a couple of weeks, it makes me look forward to the monumental amount of other very exciting things we will be gaining through the course of years to come. Thank you dear reader and follower for sticking around for that. So I think it is very important to also discuss our communication channels online; we have been relatively inactive over our channels and its mainly due to us adapting to the work while at the same time fixing up to possibly move out to a new office which is super! but anyways starting October we're going to be more social-media friendly but one thing that never stops is the blogging! This week's blog is about opportunity. I think there are several reasons why we chose this topic, one of them is that we were very lucky to improve our process throughout the past weeks and through this improving we got to appreciate a lot of values that we now do wholeheartedly believe are foundational for people who recently finished college. The value of seeking out opportunities even if they seem fruitless is one of them. As a small of team of illustrators and designers we had to learn how to manage our service the hard way, by trial and error. This method is a tough teacher but it bears fruit almost instantaneously. One of the things that we struggled with for a while is to find a work opportunity. As a starting service you might sometimes be led to believe that as soon as you launch your website or office, clients will come to your doorstep. That is entirely incorrect. There are thousands of people out there who offer the same service and a good number of them are better, at times way better. As a studio, or an individual it is completely fruitless to await an opportunity. One has to actively seek it out; and not only seek out the default type of opportunities that other firms or services take, but take on the unorthodox, or in our terms "The seemingly fruitless". The seemingly fruitless are our opportunities that simply look dead-ended in terms of creative potential or even in terms of financial potential. Turning these fruitless trees into new ones can provide a lot of creative yield. As a starting out group of fresh-grad we have heaps of time to actively experiment with these seemingly fruitless opportunities. From going to interviews that don't seem entirely in your niche to doing personal projects, these opportunities can provide you with unseen projects and most importantly can, on the long run, provide you with a vast network of individuals, companies and creatives that can actively benefit you in growing as a person and as a brand. So next time you get offered an interview/meeting with a firm that isn't entirely in your scope, you go. The least optimum scenario would be that you walk out of there without coming to terms on the work but you would have known twenty new individuals and they will know you! They will remember you and that is a huge catalyst to starting out as a fresh-grad or a service-provider. We hope everyone enjoyed this weeks blog. We are cooking up a surprise for next Wednesday so make sure to follow up! Have a lovely friday.

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