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Around 15,000 years ago, our ancestors developed a superb manner of what we now call visual storytelling. It was a time when our understanding of the world was immensely limited, yet the range of experiences, notions, ideas and thoughts were all new to the mind of our ancestral hunter-gatherers. From then, our ancestors started documenting notable events from their daily lives; cave paintings are a monumental landmark that signified the beginning of visual communication. Communication that isn’t only to people of its time, but it transcends it and goes beyond to this very day. The medium of the image is a powerful one that has existed long before we invented it. We process information faster and quicker through image and visual stimulation. This tendency even increased dramatically with the age we live in, the digital age is riddled with the visual. People, companies, and conglomerates are all connected digitally with intense focus on the image as a catalyst. This miraculous state that we are in provides us with an amazing opportunity to bridge knowledge through fast and stimulating communication. When we first started YAK, we hardly struggled with our objective and mission statement. It was plain and clear to us that the world is a superb canvas of stories, all stories that are struggling to surface in a highly competitive landscape. We believe that illustration and animation bring out the life in both stories and brands. We have been very lucky to work with superb brands and people through the past couple of months and we’ve only scratched the surface on the potential of the two mediums. One story however that we are meaning to take on is the story of a city. A city that has grown out like an organic being that diversified in identity and struggles. Cairo is currently a host for millions of people, hundreds of cities, thousands of identities, and millions upon millions of stories. There is so much to take on and so much to do, that is why one day we hope to tell the story of the city. No matter how far, the city deserves a voice in all mediums and we at YAK would love to tell its story the way we see it!

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