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How Far Can Your Brand Grow

Getting your story across in our day and age is a daunting and difficult task to undertake. The internet has provided us with myriad possibilities and opportunities one of which is the ability for every voice and story to be told and heard. This availability for a story-telling mechanism for everyone, both people and business has made for one noisy world. You don't necessarily care much for the noise if you're using it the service for personal use. Usually your circle of virtual friends and acquaintances are enough for you to tell your story. If you're in this for more commercial reasons however then you might be distressed. This distress isn't only due to the amount of competitors you have but also due to how hard it is to pinpoint your brand persona. When you post something on Facebook as YOU, you don't really think much about how your audience will think of this post in relation to your identity, or whether the language used suits your persona. You just do it, because whatever is going to materialise is probably going to reflect you perfectly. You know who you are and you don't even need to think about who you are to be able to post. As a business though, there is a difference. You need a lot of work to not only understand who you are but also create something that reflects it perfectly. And this search only leads to one final question, is who you are as a business, relayed properly to people? or are you lost in translation? We all remember the famous commercial in 1997, ten years after Redbull was born, the company created a catchy phrase that we all remember today "Redbull gives you wings". in 2002, this slogan was bolstered by a series of animated illustrations that we all know and love. The style still persists till our day with its roughly drawn characters and white backgrounds. This form of brand illustration has bolstered a wanted narrative. It has guaranteed that your message and your story as a business was relayed excellently through your commercial. It is very important though to ask ourselves why would a cartoon featuring a flying middle-aged man help shape a multi-billion dollar market. The answer here lies with personification. In our day and age we hardly look at companies and businesses as "friendly". Usually a level of scepticism lurks around people who want to sell us something. This unfriendliness stems from our lack of ability to humanise with businesses. When you're engaging in conversation with a person, hearing our their story, or relating with them then this where you start humanising with them. Brands are not different, the difference between how you perceive a brand from another is its approachability and relatedness to yourself. A great example that you can easily relate to is google's clever and minimal illustrations for holidays and major events. The doodles showcase playfulness that people wouldn't expect from one of the biggest companies on the globe. Another aspect to take into consideration is how illustration is an effective method in visualising your information and make it accessible to your audience. In the book brain rules, it is highlighted that people only remember 10% of content seen online. This number changes drastically to 65% when content is coupled with engaging visuals. This ability to visualise complex information into an engaging infograph or an illustration drastically changes how you're perceived. Brand illustration has been growing on the agenda of international brands. This trend in growth signifies the importance of visualising the narrative. For your business to grow effectively it isn't necessarily about the number of followers of people who like your posts, it is about communicating your story effectively and practically.

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