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New Identity, Same Goals

When we started out Yak six months ago, we relied extensively on the value of spontaneity. This has greatly benefited us in various ways; we still wholeheartedly think that experimenting in a spontaneous manner has taught us a lot. It is very much synonymous to how children learn, if warned about a hot cup, they'd probably shrug the warning off and extend their arms to grab it, but once their hands hit its ceramic exterior, no more cup touching for a while. Similarly we went around touching cup with the curious eyes of a young studio. This has catapulted our understanding about the do's and do not's of the industry. It has also benefitted us greatly in terms of balancing out and juggling the various tasks that a start-up should go through. We grew, we learned, and we had the vapid luck of partnering up with superb clients. However a growing realization loomed; our process needed to be rigorous, documentative, and most of all professional. What happened next was an extensive evaluation of how our values can be accurately reflected through elaborate visual stories. We experimented for the past three month while working on several projects with our partners. After surveying our main issues, we realized that we need to make more clear our values and our work to our audience and our partners. The process was immensely enjoyable and at times very tedious but we knew that in order to fulfill our goal of crafting amazing visual stories, we needed to showcase our own. At the end we created Yak as you saw it in the past week and as you will see it in future times. We crafted our current illustration language in the hopes of facilitating our communication with our audience. The minimal figurines with the bold colors were vapidly fun to work with. The combinations and possibilities were endless; a recipe for a sustainable brand. Regardless of the changes to our brand, our goal remains the same. Spreading our philosophy of illustrative design to tell help businesses communicate effectively their stories. Our journey so far was very fruitful and extremely joyful but it is only the start. Our tiny studio is growing and we're growing along with it. We'd love to have you all on board tuning in and mutually learning from each other. Over the next week we will be showcasing the projects we've been working on bit by bit; highlighting things from editorial illustration to 3D visualization. Please do follow up on us till then!

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