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Illustrating for brands

We're living in an age where access to information and resources is possible to most people around the world. This has empowered people and communities to devise solutions and create companies to implement them. There has never been that many startups and it's only getting started.

In this age of innovations there is intense competition over attention. Companies strive for attention to provide their services to people. The current tools at our disposable range from design to marketing and social media. The repertoire of each of these elements is expanding fast, none faster than design's embrace of illustration and visual design. Companies all over the world started embracing illustration for its potency in enticing audience members and grabbing attention.

In this blog I'll showcase different examples of how 3D Design is the forefront of illustration and design. 3D Design not only provides vibrant unique illustrations, but also can be later animated for a engaging experience. Some of these companies range from small to huge conglomerates. One example is Instagram's use of illustration for campaigning.

Instagram's campaign spread love not hate is a prime example of this. The campaign relies on vibrant visuals that communicate the message through their iconic emojis.

The campaign is a gorgeous reminder and a a beautiful example.

Audi's Inclusion of one of their cars into a 3D landscape to showcase its specs.

Kase's phone case animation is another example of the versatility of 3D design.

Let's not forget Google's playful illustrations. Google has always been experimental with it's illustrations, adding 3D to the vast portfolio.

Lastly, YAK has recently added 3D design into it's range of services. Through 3D design and illustration I help business and people invigorate their brands even further. Check out some of my 3D work ( and thank you for sticking around!

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